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Term dates  2022 - 2023

Bench on Autumn Leaves

Autumn term

Term begins  Saturday 10th September 2022 *

Half term       Monday 24th October - Sunday 30th October 2022 

Term ends      Saturday 17th December 2022

* Saturday 10th is registrations and open day. First teaching day will be Saturday 17th September.

Christmas Star Decorations

Christmas Holidays

School closes  Monday 19th December 2022

School opens  Saturday 7th January 2023

Yellow Narcissus

spring term

School opens  Saturday 7th January 2023

Half term       Monday 13th February - Sunday 19th February 2023 

Term ends      Saturday 1st April 2023

Painted Easter Eggs

Easter holidays

Easter Holidays  Monday 3rd April 2023 -  Monday 17th April 2023

Volleyball on Sand

Summer term

Term begins  Tuesday 18th April 2023

Half term       Monday 29th May - Sunday 4th June 2023

Term ends      Saturday 8th July 2023

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