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Registrations are now open for 2022/23.

Please follow the link below to complete your registration form.

Children Fees 

1 Child      £220

2 Children £400

3 Children £500

Fees are for the full School Year.

Adult Fees

Term 1 (13 lessons): £156

Term 2 (11 lessons): £132

Term 3 (11 lessons): £132

Fees are per term

For Child and Adult registrations, please make sure you send your fee to our bank account before the start of the term.



SORT CODE: 20-55-41

ACCOUNT NO: 93662071


Playgroups for 1½ - 4 year old children


After popular demand from both parents and the community, our School has teamed up with Mrs Dora, an experienced nanny who will be offering playgroups for children of ages as young as 1½!

The playgroups will be run in Greek, and one parent will be required to stay and participate in the session.

We will be running the playgroups at our main School Building in Salford, on Saturdays 11:15-12:15.


The playgroups will be charged at £8 per session, payable in advance at the School's account above.

Please use PL followed by your surname as a reference for the payment. (eg PL.Jones)


After the trial period, there will be discounted prices if you pre-pay for a full term.

Registrations of interest for under 5 year olds


We have received a number of requests to accept registrations for children starting from the age of 4. After careful consideration, we have decided to trial offering this on Saturdays at our main School Building in Salford.

Please use the form below to register your interest for this.

Unfortunately, at this point, we can not guarantee that there will be a class suitable for this age. This will depend on the number of registrations we receive.

Under 5s fees


If we are able to offer this, the fees will be inline with the Children Fees above.

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