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Welcome to our school,

At the Hellenic School of Manchester we are proud to offer a caring family atmosphere putting an emphasis on every child.


We want all our children to develop to their full potential academically and socially, so that they become responsible and caring adults in their later lives.


The school is a non-profit organisation managed by committee members who volunteer their time to the school. Our role is to work closely with the Headteacher and staff, to provide the very best education that we can for the children of our school. We are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance and effectiveness of the school, for ensuring that the budget is managed prudently and for supporting our staff.

Our school is recognised and operates in partnership with the Greek and Cypriot Ministry of Education that set the curriculum. This is tailored to the students that learn Greek (in a 'parikiako' school) while they attend a full time English school and it is not an exact match of the full time educational system in Greece or Cyprus.

It accepts school age children (4+ years old) mainly of Greek and Greek Cypriot origin. However, children of any other background with an interest in Greek language and culture are also welcome at our school.


We offer a broad and balanced curriculum and aim for enjoyment in learning. The staff is experienced and works in partnership with parents and children so that we can provide the children with the best education possible.

The Committee

Meet Our Committee members

Meet Our Committee members



Christos Papadopoulos




Panikos Frangos




Koulla Theophanous




Aikaterini Bourou




Tina Christoforou




Eleni Theophanous




Stelios Sotiriou


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