Our End of Year Yiorti

Computer science and machine learning workshop in Greek

We had the pleasure of welcoming 4 academics from the University of Manchester this Saturday. They held a workshop related to machine learning and computer science in Greek. The whole workshop was organised by the University of Manchester and it was part of the multilingual Manchester project. You can find more information about the project here

Greektoys workshop

Greektoys visited our school last Saturday and we all had a time travel back to ancient Greece.

We played with ancient dolls, horses, spinning tops, knucklebones, and other toys children in ancient Greece used to play with. This workshop was a unique experience for both students and teachers.

You can watch here some of their amazing animation videos

For more information check their website here



Photos from the workshop


Getting ready for Easter!

Candle decoration for Easter - Λαμπάδες για το Πάσχα

25th of March and 1st of April National celebrations for Greece and Cyprus.

Our Yiorti

A few videos from our yiorti

Ο όρκος της Φιλικής Εταιρείας.

Χορός του Ζαλόγγου/ Dance of Zalongo


A few photos from our yiorti

Our workshops

Each class ran a workshop to learn more about the two National celebrations. This involved the children making flags, listening to music, learning about the history of Greece and Cyprus and much more.

Throughout these activities the children gained a better understanding of the two national celebrations.

21st of February- International mother language day

To celebrate the 21st of February- UNESCO International mother tongue day, we planned a few activities at the North City Library.



A lot of people from the library joined us for a Greek dance!



A few photos from our event at the library!

It was a unique experience and everyone at the library had an amazing time..

Activities to celebrate the 9th of February

Posters about fryktories

The students enjoyed so much learning about fryktories that some decided to make posters about them.

Φρυκτωρίες- Fryktories

To celebrate the 9th of February the classes of Mrs Zafeikaki and Ms Kourtesi decided to make Fryktories (Φρυκτωρίες).


We talked about the use of these towers in the ancient years, and then we decided to create the map of Greece and Cyprus out of newspapers and PVA glue.

We also talked about different areas in Greece and Cyprus to connect the project with geography too.

A bit of history about Fryktories

Ancient Greeks established a well organised network of telecommunications towers, the network of Fryktories, by taking advantage of the mountainous form of the Aegean islands and by devising a system to represent letters using fire.


Fryktories, these telecommunication towers, were built on the top of mountains or on promontories in order to secure distant visual contact. The word fryktoria comes from two ancient Greek words: fryktos, meaning torch, and hora, meaning care.

Fryktories first appear during the Mycenaean period. Homer mentions Fryktories in Iliad and in Odyssey. When the Trojan War was over, the news reached Mycenae via the network of Fryktories. Aeschylus recounts one by one the peaks that were used to communicate the end of the war.

In Sifnos, there are more than 70 towers/frykories all over the island built between the 6th and the 3rd centuries B.C. It is believed that these towers were built after the Samians attacked the island. During the Roman and Venetian times, the towers were used to alarm inhabitants of pirates’ raids.

Photos from Dr Kosivas' visit at our school on Tuesday

Dr Kosivas' visit in our Tuesday school has been extremely informative for both parents and teachers. Some of the topics covered in the meeting were the importance of the Greek language as a heritage language and the uses of the Certificate of Attainment in Greek.

Traditional games- Παραδοσιακά παιχνίδια

Mrs Zafeiraki's class played traditional games last Saturday. The children had fun learning new games such as 

- αμπεμπαμλομ

- χαλασμένο τηλέφωνο και

- αλάτι ψιλό/ αλάτι χοντρό

more information about how to play these games you can find here

Spinach pie-Σπανακόπιτα