Head Teacher’s Welcome

Dear parents and students,

My name is Charalambos Iosif and I am the new headmaster of the school. I live between Manchester and Liverpool with my family, and with all of you, of course. For this reason, although we have not met yet because of the enforced restrictions, I would like you to consider me a member of this large family of the Greek school and the community here.


It’s my pleasure and privilege to take on the administrative duties of an institution with such a long history and tradition. I commit doing my very best to maintain and grow it and that’s a promise. Thank you very much for entrusting me in this position.


Many thanks also to Ms Kika and the rest members of the school committee that welcomed me so warmly and treated me like family.


I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that we’ve succeeded in following all the measurements and safety protocols regarding COVID-19. Valuable and remarkable was the contribution of parents committee and our teachers' board, all parents in general and our beloved students, in seeing this through. Let’s keep it that way. Good job everybody. Stay safe and healthy, better days are coming.



Charalambos Iosif

Headmaster of Hellenic School of Manchester

KEA UK (Cypriot Education Mission)

Our Philosophy

It is a primary objective of our school that every member of the school community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly. In everything we do, we work to ensure that our children, staff and families feel happy, safe and secure. Behaviour, performance and attendance that reflect these values are rewarded and celebrated at school. Negative behaviour that is counter to our values is not tolerated.

The children are taught to be proud and thankful to be able to benefit from the values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and respect for people of different faiths and beliefs.

We want to ensure pupils embrace a learning culture which allows them to enjoy their supplementary education, love the challenge of learning, thrive in lessons and be resilient to failure. This allows them to make progress in the Greek language and extend their skills for the next steps in their education.

Our Mission

At the heart of our supplementary school is our vision for our children, their families and our broader community.

This vision is grounded on our belief that the purpose of supplementary education is to allow children to learn and grow in a safe, happy and stimulating environment.


We believe in setting our children ambitious targets and supporting every one of them to embrace the Greek language and culture, through the provision of support tailored to their individual needs. We work hard to ensure that children enjoy their learning – and that they are engaged both in the classroom and beyond, through participation in the large number of co-curricular activities we have on offer.